15 August 2012

Reinspired and Reinvigorated!

Yesterday was W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!  I received a package of decadent edibles and other miscellany from my foodie pen pal, Adria, as part of a "Foodie Pen Pal" program of which I am part.  I will post about my parcel on the 31st of the month, as per the program's request, but I had to blog at least a little about it today!

Adria included the most thoughtfully chosen food items to support my healthy vegan lifestyle (with no shortage of chocolate, though!) as well as a beautifully handwritten, three-page letter, a CD and a hand molded bath bomb in my package.  The letter, especially, really transformed my day.  I approached it with optimism and zest for life.  As my post from the other day somewhat alludes, I have been in a bit of a *funk* lately.  After reading Adria's letter, though, and poring over the contents of my package, I made the conscious decision to not be in a funk--to be happy and savor life because it is a gift. 

I'm going to the cinema either today or tomorrow to see a film Adria recommended I see (the CD she burned for me is the film's soundtrack and it absolutely mesmorized me) and I'm going to work on a drawing of mine this evening and possibly meet my mom for lunch tomorrow. 

My receipt of Adria's package also re-inspired me with my meals!  Breakfast was a nutritious, satisfying, lovely bowl of bananas, local Michigan blueberries, raw almonds, buckwheat groats and flax seed in almond milk.

For lunch I had a beautiful, albeit not-too-summery, kale salad with dried apricots and apple, tossed in a Dijon-maple dressing.  The cooler weather Michigan has been experiencing lately is playing tricks on my body and on my taste buds, but rather than try and fight it, I have just been listening to what my body craves.

Dinner was an equally autumn-feeling dish of comforting, garlic- and thyme-roasted zucchini, brussels sprouts and mushrooms over a bed of wilted spinach.

For dessert I had a piece of chocolate, included in Adria's care package, alongside local, organic strawberries with sugar :)

I made a conscious decision yesterday to be positive, happy and optimistic and I plan to do the same today so with that, I bid adieu.  I've got to go live!

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