07 August 2012

Chia Pudding


I keep trying to like chia and I keep experimenting with recipes but so far I am not having much luck.  The texture is really weird and my most recent cashew-based pudding recipe was, to put it bluntly, just nasty.

Does anyone have any fail-proof recipes?  I want to like chia and I want to find a great, go-to recipe but that has yet to happen.

This raspberry chia pudding looks good (maybe?) but it did not taste good.  It was not sweet enough and it was an odd ratio of chia to milk.  As I was eating it I was thinking, I do not like this but chia seeds are healthy so I will continue eating--NOT a good mindset.  There are TONS of delicious, healthy foods out there (many of which I have eaten and enjoyed) but this is not one.  I should have just eaten something else but, alas and alack, I did not.

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