03 September 2012

Cuban Chocolate

On my recent trip to San Francisco I purchased myself some chocolate.

Okay, the word "some" might be a bit of an understatement.  I purchased myself a LOT of chocolate.  But hey, what can I say?  I love chocolate and with so many flavors that Chocolate Covered had to offer, I could not pass up the opportunity to go hog wild!

The first bar I broke in to was a Pure Origin "Cuba" bar, crafted by Francois Pralus: Maitre Chocolatier. 



This was one (well, it still is, as I am slowly making my way through it so as to make it last!) of the best chocolate bars I've every tasted.  It is utterly smooth and creamy with not the faintest trace of graininess.  The chocolate will slowly dissolve, allowing the taster to savor it, unless he or she is too impatient and bites down, in which case, instead of cracking stiffly apart, the chocolate will just softly compresses between the taster's teeth, with a blissful sort of chewiness.  

The Francois Pralus website describes their Cuba bar as, "Spicy, hint of licorice, slightly peppery, long on the finish" and I would have to agree, especially with the "long on the finish" part.  Like many great wines I've tasted, this chocolate has such a long finish that even after I have finished my bite, I can still taste its wonderful flavors.

The beans used to make this bar are 100% Cuban, and due to a ban on cocoa bean exportations from Cuba, this bar will only be around for a limited time.  If you are lucky enough to spot a Cuba bar, by all means, load up!  You will not be sorry.

Francois Pralus: Maitre Chocolatier also produces chocolate bars from around the globe, not just Cuba, and I'm sure the other bars are sinful as well.

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