12 September 2012

This Week In Instagram!

Now that fall is here (I think/hope), and the weather has turned, baked sales at work have resumed!  I guess people no longer have the need to look good in their swimsuits and can let it all go by indulging themselves with my vegan treats!  For me, all of this means more baking!  It also means less time to work on my blog : /

As my fervent little fingers type away at this very moment, a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bars bake away in my oven.  A friend from work put in a request for gluten-free anything and this little concoction is what I whipped--or blended--up!  Gluten-free and vegan baking is tough because many solely "gluten-free" recipes contain eggs.  However, we vegans do not use eggs.  It's one thing to omit wheat-based flours and swap it out for a gluten-free blend, but the elimination of eggs too adds another level of difficulty.  I'm still working through it, though.  I welcome challenge and confront it face on!

I must return quickly to my kitchen to check on my bars, so without further ado I present to you random, food-related Instagrams from this past week!  Feast your eyes:

Memorial Day dinner of Tofurky Beer Brat with stone ground mustard and sauteed onions in a whole grain bun!

Leftovers are the best--collard wraps with a black-eyed pea and zucchini filling in a BBQ sauce.

Beautiful breakfast bowl of fresh fruit!

Raw collard wrap of lacinato kale, massaged in cashew 'cheeze,' pea shoots, avocado and hot sauce!  The slaw is Memorial Day leftovers!

Roasted zucchini-stuffed portobello cap.

Simple spinach salad with cucumber, hemp hearts and blackberry balsamic vinegar--an Ezekial sprouted grain muffin with blueberry-cherry preserves and a fresh, local, organic nectarine compliments  the spinach.

Michigan peach scones, made by me!

Baked falafel patties with housemade hummus, tabbouleh and tahini from Anita's Kitchen in Ferndale, Michigan.

Vegan double Chocolate Peanut Butter rice cream from Treat Dreams in Ferndale, Michigan--a post-Anita's Kitchen treat ;)

Breakfast bowl of organic, local peaches, banana, almonds, buckwheat groats and raw almonds in almond milk!

Breakfast 'porridge' of shredded apple, shredded coconut, raisins, raw almonds, buckwheat groats, golden flax seeds and cinnamon in almond milk!

Another simple, no thinking required kind of lunch: spinach with shredded carrots, cucumber and hemp hearts, avocado toast and a nectarine.

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