10 September 2012

Bake on Track!

No, the title of this post was not a typo.  I thought "Bake" on Track would be cute because I am back on track with my baking!  My scones sold out incredibly fast and the salted caramel chocolate chunk bars I brought in shortly thereafter sold out just as quickly!

Here are some photos of the aforementioned bars:

Looking at these again just makes me want to gobble one up!  I'm quite pleased with how they turned out, both in terms of appearance and, more importantly, taste.  I am fairly certain I'll be making these again ;)

Getting back to my scones: after they sold (and my salted caramel chocolate chunk bars), I decided to make more scones!  This time I opted for apple-cinnamon scones with roasted pecans.  I am going to start "celebrating the season" more by making baked goods that really highlight the time of year.  Apples are in season and the Galas I used in my scones came from a nearby cider mill, so not only did I support local but I took advantage of Michigan's bountiful apple season: fall!

After I publish this post, I'm off to my kitchen to whip up a batch of "Figgy-Walnut Oat Bars."  The locally grown figs I found at Whole Foods looked great and were on sale so I thought, I'm going to do something with these guys.  And I'm going to!

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