05 April 2012


Hello again!!!

I have been super, super busy these past two weeks and when I wrack my brain to figure out what I've been so busy with, it's kind of coming up blank--but I swear, I have been busy!  Cooking, baking, washing dishes, putting dishes away, baking some more...you know how it goes.  I realized TODAY that it's been FOUR DAYS since I've written in my blog and that is not acceptable.

Sooooo...to bring you all up to speed, here are a couple of exciting things that have happen in the past four days:

1.  I set up my "Baked Goods Table" at my place of work, which was met with much approval.
2.  I tried my Rawxies--the Mint Chocolate Chip and Lemon Poppyseed were my favorite (review to come!!)
3.  A woman expressed interest in having me supply her company with my vegan caramel corn--woo-hoo!
4.  One of my yoga teachers placed a carrot cake cookie order.
5.  The same yoga teacher wants to place a 55-cookie order for a party she's hosting.
6.  My mom's friend placed a cookie order.
7.  I made apple rings in my dehydrator.
8.  I had time in a looooooonnnnnnggggg while to prepare dinner and dessert for me and my mom.
9.  I discovered my very favorite sammy.

Okay, so to go in order, we shall begin with number one...oh wait.  I don't have photos...yet.

Moving on to number two.  Again, no photos (well there are but I really feel they should accompany my review).  So let's move on.

Number three:  cool...?  Don't really know how to visually document this exciting event but here's a link to my Etsy site where you can purchase the caramel corn!!


Number four:  again, nada (this kind of applies for numbers five, six and seven too, for that matter...).  Okay, I am realizing that this is turning into a very bland post.  After all, what people really want is pictures.  I know this because that's all I pretty much look at in others' blogs.  I meant to take a picture of the cute little bag I arranged my teacher's cookies in, what with its raffia and my business card and the cute little bag I placed the cookies in.  You will, instead, have to visualize.  Adorable hot pink bag with an orange pattern, cream/translucent raffia or grass crinklies coming out of the bag, my business card and an itty "thank-you" note on cardstock boasting a repeating strawberry motif.

Number eight:  My dinner!  At last!  Photos!  Other than tell you what you are looking at--Orange-glazed tofu with broccoli polenta and an arugala salad in an orange vinaigrette with freshly cracked black pepper--I will let the photos do all the talking.

Number eight-and-a-half:  Dessert!

Number nine:  Best.  Sandwich.  Ever.  Mangoes.  Avocado.  Arugala.  Dijon Mustard.  (On a Cinnamon Raisin Ezekial English Muffin).  Perfection.