16 April 2012

"Do You Believe In Magic?" Cookies

These cookies are my latest and greatest creation (in the words of Willy Wonka a.k.a Gene Wilder).

I am not going to provide a recipe because this baby's TOP SECRET but I will provide three noticeably discernable ingredients just to give you a hint of what's in the cookies:

-  Fresh ginger
-  Lemon zest
-  Dried apricots
-  Roasted pistachios

There are two truly secret ingredients but I'm taking them to the grave with me ;)


  1. If there is one weakness of mine its cookies:) I am going to guess the secret ingredients and say applesauce and brown sugar? I know that I am way off but I love to guess. Your photo of these cookies are making me want to take a bite out of my computer screen. By the way, I do believe in magic ;)

  2. No, ma'am! You guessed wrong but I appreciate your guessing just the same! Thank you for your compliment too!

    I am on a baking roll! I just finished my chewy cherry almond cookies (photos to come, of course) and then I;m making PB cheesecake brownies!

    Soon, too, I'm going to be offering a discount on select items in my Etsy shop (through the website "Save Green Now") and I will post when that happens so that if you want to try some of my treats, you can SAVE!!! ;)

  3. Aww man! lol I am terrible at guessing.

    I would love to start baking but when I have the opportunity to do so I do something else. the first thing that I want to make are vegan chocolate chip cookies :)

    How do you get motivated to bake?

    I really want to try some of your sweets, they all looks so wonderful.

  4. No, no...your guesses were valiant!

    It's funny you find something else to do whenever the urge to bake arises because I am quite the opposite--other stuff takes a back burner because I want to BAKE!!! I love it...it's almost like an addiction, lol. I get ideas in my head of what I want to make and then I MUST bake and, like, ASAP too. The only problem is that often there are so many things I want to bake but the previous things I've made have not yet sold OR I'm too poor to buy the ingredients I need to make my *vision.*

    I wish there was a way you could try a cookie or two at a time when I make them but, alas, Rochester is somewhat of a drive from Ann Arbor. If you DO ever want to try a cookie or two, though (when I've made a fresh batch) perhaps we could figure something out!

    That kind of brings me to your question--I get motivated to bake a) because I truly love it and b) because I get SUCH satisfaction from seeing people's reactions/hearing their feedback after they've tried my treats. It really makes all the work worth it...soooo if I can somehow get a cookie to you, I shall!

    Maybe I could just send a single one in the mail to you?? You could send me cash??? I trust you...ha! The wheels in my brain are spinning...there has to be an easy solution...I really want to share my goodies with as many people as possible!

    Alrighty, well, for now I'm going to post my most recent cookie creation and then shut this computer OFF.

  5. I am going to make it my destination to get one of your sweets! I will plan a drive with my sister sometime within this month.

    How much would one of your cookies be?

    I want to be motivated to bake as well, from your blog it seems like so much fun. I so love your blog, it really inspires me to want to bake and be proud of my creations such as you are.

  6. OOOOOOHHHH!!!!! That would be so awesome!!! I could make whatever kind of cookies you like...although I also make other things like brownies, PB cheesecake brownies, PB "Explosion Bars," ... (I love peanut butter, if you can't tell!) to have available that week!

    Your words meant so much to me too. Thank you! It truly means a lot! Have a nice evening!

  7. I love peanut butter also, everything should have peanut butter on in or in it:) I would love to try all your sweets, whatever you have I would love to try.

    I mean everything I say, I love your blog.