10 April 2012

My Easter Basket

Soooooo...I am 23 years old and yes, my mom still gives me (and my sister, who is 21) an Easter basket every year.  This was my first Easter as a *vegan* and that made for a trickier-than-usual hunt for Easter goodies but my mom came through!

When she gave me my basket last night, we had just returned from a weekend getaway and, after over-indulging, the LAST thing I needed was sweets.

But I did not let that stop me.

Part of my assortment this year was an Easter confectionary selection from Allison's Gourmet.  It was PHENOMENAL.

I sampled two chocolate eggs, which had a rich, authentic dark chocolate flavor, subtly enhanced with not-too-much coconut and blackberry (in separate eggs, to clarify); I then made my way on to the salted chocolate brittle--had waaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much of that.  Then had more too much of that.

I then thought, well, I have to try my Etsy Hippiecakes chocolates.  My mom got me orange, lemon and mint-filled chocolates, and the orange ones were definitely my fave...so, so good.  I only wish that their centers were colored instead of white, which is how Jenny advertises them in her Etsy shop, but they were still tasty!

The last thing I have to try in my basket is a truffle from Sugar Kisses, a local bakery that offers vegan goods. 

I just might sample one tonight...


  1. You were right, I shouldn't have read this while hungry and in need of chocolate lol That is so awesome that you still get an easter basket. I am thinking next year I will just make my own lol Is that a bottle of wine in see?

  2. Haha! It's a bottle of champagne, actually: Veuve Clicquot.