01 April 2012

Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung...in cookie form!  To celebrate the warming weather and upcoming Easter holiday I made sugar cookies!  Light, buttery, slightly crisp around the edges, faintly lemon-y and dissolve-on-your-tongue good.

There are bunnies, butterflies and tulips, sprinkled with my *OWN* homemade colored sugar.  Using just cane sugar and natural food coloring, I made pink, green and yellow colored sugar to decorate my little edible gems.  With the leftover dough I made quarter-sized hearts.

I will be bringing in my spring cookies to work tomorrow to sell.  I will also be holding a drawing to win a pail of three cookies!

Here's my hard work:

The prize pail!!!

P.S.  Note to self:

Sugar cookies are a TON of work.

Their name (to me, anyway) is so unassuming.  I think, sugar cookies, how much work can THAT be?!

Well, a lot.

First, you make the dough, which is not difficult, then it has to chill for, like, overnight, then you have to flour your surface and rolling pin and roll out the dough, then you have to cut out your cookies...CAREFULLY, then you have to flour your metal pancake turner and caaaarrrrreeeeefffffuuuuuullllllyyyyyy lift the cookies off your rolling surface, then you have to brush the cookies with [non-dairy] milk, THEN you have to sprinkle the cookies (which can also be tricky if you have a heavy hand like I do).  If you have the patience, though, these cookies really are worth the work.

Oh.  I forgot.