18 March 2013

My St. Patrick's Day Feast

As promised, here is my feast from yesterday.

My mom prepared tempeh piccata from Chef Chloe's cookbook with oven-roasted brussels sprouts.  The meal was divine.  She even bought a special bottle of wine as a holiday treat!

Dessert was, um, ridiculous.  It was a cobbler with a salty,buttery, pecan-y streusel topping atop a spicy, juicy fruit compote, of sorts.  She bought my FAVORITE (brand, not flavor, although the flavor was good) Vanilla Island Coconut Bliss non-dairy treat to pair with the already decadent dessert.

As is our custom, we rounded out the night with what is becoming a more and more lackluster game of Scrabble.

Tonight's dinner was inspired by Green Kitchen Stories' Green Lentil and Yellow Beet Salad recipe.  However, in mine I used red beets instead of yellow because that's all Whole Foods had;  I left out the pea shoots since I polished mine off the other day;  I definitely left out the raw onion because first of all, yuck, and second of all, my stomach would hate me;  and I omitted the poppy seeds from the dressing (I thought I had some on hand but I did not).  Other than those few alterations, I kept my salad pretty true to the original recipe.

The result?  

This salad was, like, one of the loveliest things I've eaten in awhile.


Since becoming vegan, I have grown to adore beets.  I used to abhor them but now, serve me a beet, roasted, and I'm in heaven.  I will definitely be making this dish again.  It was so easy, satisfying and flavorful!  Additionally, I love that it introduced me to a new green:  beet greens!  They were surprisingly delicious--soft, not too bitter and not too chewy!

I had a little too much fun arranging my beet greens...ha!

And aren't the illustrations for this recipe adorable?


  1. Oh my gosh, a feast indeed!! Your mom made such an amazing meal. The tempeh piccata is absolutely gorgeous! Brussels sprouts are one of my favorite side dishes. I make them all the time :) Looks like a perfect meal! The dessert crumble looks AH-MAZING. What kind of fruit did she use in it? The melted ice cream looks so good. I'm so jealous of this meal!

    Haha love the beet greens! That is some patience right there! I need to get myself to try beets. I feel like I'd like them, I don't know what I'm waiting for!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Yes, yes, yes--brussels sprouts = <3 and the crumble was DEELISH!!!! She used apples, blueberries, strawberries and raisins. I know that sounds like a weird combo but they all worked really well together. The streusel was actually my favorite part though. It was salty (kinda) and had our favorite--PECANS! TOASTED!!

      Oh my gosh, I seriously love beet greens. I basically had last night's dinner again tonight. It was that good. Beet greens are soft and have a really nice flavor to them. As for the beets, ohmigodohmigodohmigod. GET SOME TOMORROW!! Don't wait another day! You've been missing out for too long. They are probably one of my favorite foods and I used to ABHOR them. Advice to you is to roast them though ;)