24 March 2013

A Present For Me!

I forgot that when I enrolled in IIN they'd be sending me a welcome package as a thank you and congratulations for entering the program--that is, until I opened my front door today!

Immediately, I knew what the package was and with great fervor, I tore open the cardboard and removed my surprise!

The Institute included such nice, thoughtful tokens of encouragement for me as I embark on this exciting journey.  They included a bumper sticker, lavender-scented heart pillow, a water bottle, a waterproof bag (I'm assuming for transporting groceries), a journal in which to write my daily goals, intentions, reflections and gratitudes, two DVDs with helpful cooking and grocery shopping tips, Joshua Rosenthal's book and an accompanying course workbook.

 I feel spoiled!

Also, I have some potentially HUGE news to share but you all must stay tuned...until Friday...


  1. I don't know what to talk about first, the huge teaser you just posted or the amazing gifts that you received! I guess the teaser, ha! I can't believe you are doing this to me lol! I am too impatient to wait until Friday! ;) I hope it all works out for you, whatever it is!

    That might be the best box of goodies ever! What a wonderful way to welcome you into the program! I love water bottles like that but I think my favorite is the journal. I think it will be incredibly helpful as you set out on this journey! I hope that you use all of the goodies in good health and happiness and that you have the best time as you embark on this new journey!

    1. Wasn't that nice of the school to send that??! I love the little water bottle too--it's so cute! I put the lavender sachet in my car and it's made it smell so good and calmed me down as a result!! I really like the workbook because it allows me to put my thoughts and intentions to paper. I'm thinking that by doing this, these thoughts and intentions will manifest themselves into reality!

      As for my teaser, yes, I realize it's a little...okay, a lot...evil. Friday is far and, at the same time, not-so far, away!

      I know you, loyal Sarah, will stay tuned!