11 March 2013

Baby Shower!

Spring is on its way...finally!  Everything just smells, looks and feels different.  While I am one of the few weirdos who actually likes cold weather (although I hate being cold...go figure...), I am excited for little southern birdies to return, flowers to bloom and babies to be born!


Yes!  The last "excited for" leads me to the subject of my post for today!  Yesterday I attended the baby shower for my cousin's wife, Amy (I don't know what that makes me.  Her cousin once removed?  Twice removed?  Half?  These titles confuse me).  She and my cousin, Scott, are expecting their firstborn on April 29th, which is quickly approaching!  They know that the baby will be a boy and they have chosen to name him Henrik.  I think they chose an adorable name.

Mama-to-be: Amy!

Anyway, my Aunt Carol hosted the shower and did such a beautiful job.  She decorated her whole house, arranged baby shower-related activities and made everyone feel welcome and at ease.  She was an overall delightful host.

My Aunt Carol with my grandma (her mom).

My aunt decorated her chandelier.  Isn't it adorable?!

Close-up of my aunt's handiwork:  babies cracking out of cotton ball-lined egg shells!

She provided wine and other beverages, bite-sized appetizers like grapes, cheese, cucumber, pita, Baba Ghanoush, hummus, nuts, etc. etc.  She made, for the entree, pulled pork, beans and Fumi salad.  I, naturally, brought my own meal because I didn't want her to put herself out any more than she already had!  

For dessert, too, she made petit ones!  She tried making petit fours but because the cookie cutter shapes were so detailed, she was left with many hands giving the finger, feet missing toes, and so she opted for one-layer cookies ala petit fours.  People described them as a crunchy piece of cake, which, they assured me, was a compliment!  Everyone aid they were scrumptious.

My mom, my grandma and I got Amy a little baby sling/holder, which was on her registry.  She seemed to really like it and EVERYONE said "I can see Scott wearing that."  Scott is my cousin, and while I did not think "Scott" upon seeing the baby sling, enough other people did to cause me to rethink my initial thought.

Amy laughing at the image of Scott wearing baby sling, holding little Henrik.

Amy also received baby books, toys, cloth diapers, rattles, thermometers, cute little outfits, beautifully hand knitted garments and other miscellany.  Amy seemed so happy and was beyond appreciative of everything. 

My aunt also decorated Amy's tiara with hatching babies.

My grandma, pouring herself a beer.

About to enjoy her beer...

My grandma ordered me to take a picture of her "perfect" beer.  Apparently, pouring your entire can/glass of beer into a mug, with foam ending exactly at the brim, requires real skill.

My lovely mama, painting a onesie.

Some of the baby shower gang.

I'm really excited for little Henrik to enter the world.  I know he will bring Amy, Scott and the rest of our respective families much joy and happiness.


  1. Aww how nice!! First, we already know your mom is awesome but now we know that your grandma is awesome as well! How funny that she made you take a pic of her beer! Haha omg I love it so much!

    What a lovely house! It's so bright and airy and they decorated it so nicely. It was light, bright and classy :) Congrats to Amy and Scott!

    1. Isn't that hilarious--I know!!

      Yes, I love my aunt's house. The house itself is old, so it has those little imperfections, and it's on a quaint street alongside houses of equal character!

      Thank you!