15 January 2014

You're Invited!

So I kind of forgot I resumed this blog.  Oops!  I swear, this memory of mine...

So I kind of forgot I resumed this blog.  Oops!  I swear, this memory of mine...

Just kidding.

My memory isn't that bad.

I was just trying to be funny.

In all honesty, though, I kind of had forgotten that I had revived this blog.  Part of that revival is going to mean making posts a regular part of my schedule, and not just because I need to post or because I impose it on myself but, rather, because I want to!

Tonight I had two great friends over for dinner.  Since moving to California, I have become really good friends with this girl, Rosie, whom I met through Instagram, as well as her boyfriend, Rich.  They are WONDERFUL people and I feel so lucky to have them in my life.

For dinner I made curried parsnip and sweet potato soup with Sarah's "Life-Changing Loaf of Bread."  They both seemed to like the food (they licked their bowls clean!).  I also made Rosie a batch of dark chocolate cashew cream truffles for a belated birthday gift.  She already posted a picture of it to Instagram!

These are the dark chocolate cashew cream truffles I made for Rosie's belated birthday.  She snapped this photo right away and tagged me on Instagram!  Rosie is so popular in the Instagram world that by tagging me I got 66 "Likes" and 4 new followers!

I hope to host more events like this.  It was a much more enjoyable way to spend my post-work hours instead of by myself...streaming Netflix.  Rosie and Rich, you have an open invitation!

The stage is set!

The Life-Changing Loaf of bread I made, fresh out of the oven!

Here it is close up.

Choppin' some parsley for soup garnish (I also served dinner with toasted pumpkin seeds!).


 Everything is just about ready to go, except for the soup.  I took this right before Rosie and Rich arrived.

Dinner is served!


  1. You are such a lovely hostess! The dinner looks absolutely delicious (I seriously need to try that bread!) and those truffles are GORGEOUS!! The packaging on the truffles is really pretty too! Don't you love hosting dinner parties? I think it's so fun and you did a beautiful job! I love your bright green napkins too!

  2. I am sure Rosie and Rich had a wonderful time at your lovely dinner party. I cannot believe how beautiful and delicious those truffles look! And the soup and bread too! I would love to attend one of your dinner parties. You are quite the little hostess

  3. Everything looks lovely, the table, the food and even the way you displayed the tools of your preparation of food trade. Very sweet of you to do and a lot of original thought goes into that. As you know, a microwave is my best friend but it shouldn't be.
    Keep it up, Laura. Your efforts and work and artfulness are so commonplace about you after all these years that commenting every time runs the very serious risk of just stating the obvious and the same words to describe it all. Just know that this is an extension of your incredible talents, mind and loving heart.